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Missed that sermon on ‘Living a transformed life in Christ? It’s good you’re here. Spiritual transformation goes beyond redemption from sin and extends to the resurrection of a new life in Christ, yet many Christians still grapple with:

Did you know that as believers, we are eternally secure, forever forgiven, and boundlessly loved? Now set to experience a spiritual metamorphosis like never before.

Grace Coach is your beacon in the fog of legalistic confusion. With us, you’ll get to grasp the unshakeable eternal security and unconditional love that comes with being a child of Christ, propelling you to a life of grace and liberty.


Over 25 years ago, I started my journey to look for God in my life, so I went to church. After 6 months I felt like I was on a spiritual treadmill, running fast but going nowhere. 

Then one day, I started reading the Bible for myself and let the Holy Spirit teach me directly. I was amazed at what I learned!

I found out 3 important things that I didn’t know I had as a redeemed Born Again Christian…

1. I have eternal security and therefore can not lose my salvation. Learn more

2. I am completely forgiven and therefore no longer need to ask God to forgive me over and over. Learn More

3. I am under God’s grace, and therefore no longer under the law. If you are born again, the law has done it’s work. Learn more

I hope you listen to our podcasts and check out our website to find out the real grace of God and what you have in Christ. You too will be amazed! 

Hey, friend!  I’m Mike, and I’ve been where you are now – stuck in the cycle of Old Testament rituals, clouded with guilt, and longing for something more. Fortunately, my spiritual journey has led me out of such despair and into a realm of divine peace. After 30 years of dedicated study and relentless pursuit of our Savior’s boundless love, the power of grace was revealed to me, becoming my life’s motivating passion. I established Grace Coach to illuminate and share this captivating truth, and I’m eager to be your empathetic guide as you embark on your spiritual adventure. 

Together, we’ll explore the wonderful embrace of Christ’s resurrection, unveiling the astounding promise of the New Covenant, and emblooming a fresh understanding of your eternal forgiveness and profound security in Christ. Like a trusty co-pilot, I’ll walk you through every intricacy, clarifying scriptures and unmasking spiritual myths. Let’s navigate this exciting journey together, celebrating your genuine new life in Jesus.

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