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Many Christians go through the Christian life never knowing what they have in Christ. They go through life as if they have to earn God’s love and forgiveness. But the truth is that Jesus is all of what we need! Your gift below will help proclaim the message of God’s incredible grace to thousands of people like Phil, who writes….

“I have listened to a number of your podcasts, and I am so grateful to be learning that I am a forgiven person and that I have new life! Thank you, thank you, thank you”

​Your giving will help more and more people find out what they have in Christ and along the way many people will be saved. 

Grace Coach with Mike Stone and Kevin Smith is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your donation is tax-deductible for income, gift and estate taxes. All donations are used for marketing purposes so that more and more people will hear the good news and grace of Jesus Christ, and be saved.

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