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Bible Question

How Can I Overcome My Addiction?


Are you at a point where you feel like you’re at the end of your rope and genuinely ready for a major change? Well, you are not unusual. It’s a universal truth that every person on earth struggles with misplaced dependencies, such as addiction. We’re relentlessly bombarded and tempted by advertisers, who lure us into indulging our desires. How can anyone resist these worldly temptations and the attacks on our humanity?

Breaking Free – Your Journey to Freedom

Are you prepared for a genuine transformation? Ready to conquer your addiction once and for all?

People often become addicted because they start to rely on certain substances or activities. Remember: “Whatever you depend on will control you.” If you depend on money and the pursuit of wealth, money will control you. If you depend on what people think about you, people will control you. Even if you depend on your spouse, your spouse will control you.

Addictions to pornography, gambling, work, alcohol, or anything else stem from dependency. It might feel like the addiction controls you, but in reality, it is your reliance and dependency that give them power. The substance, activity, or person isn’t controlling you—it’s your misplaced dependency.

Shifting Dependency

God designed us with an inherent need for dependency. We rely on essentials like air, food, and shelter for survival. We also depend on relationships with family, friends, social connections, and support from others. However, above all else, God’s ultimate purpose is for us to learn to rely on Him.
The key to overcoming addiction lies in shifting our reliance away from harmful things and toward the grace of God. While this may sound straightforward, it demands genuine focus and dedicated time to immerse ourselves in the Word of God.
Are you eager to discover how to rely on God, unlock the secrets of the Bible, and embrace the new life offered through Christ? ‘
Over the past 30 years, I’ve assisted numerous individuals in gaining a deeper understanding of God, Jesus, and the Bible. I’m here to help you grasp not only what the Bible says, but also its deeper meanings.
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